Our Short History

It all started in Boston.


Frosty Ice Cream – Boston Festive Concessions is Massachusetts oldest and finest mobile food and desert catering company. We have been operating in Greater Boston/New England independently for 57 years, and our roots in the area go even deeper than that.

Our founder, Frank J. Sacchetti Sr. started working on his uncle’s truck in 1960, when he was only 9 years old. A native of Brighton, he continued to work throughout his teens and during his summers off from Brighton High School – amassing enough in savings to purchase “The Godfather Pizza”, in Charlestown, MA when he was only 19 years old – all the while maintaining the ice cream truck legacy with a truck of his own.

He returned to his ice cream roots in 1988 with the purchase of Steve’s Ice Cream in Newtonville, MA. One of the original artisan ice-cream shops, Steve’s Ice Cream enjoyed immense popularity and predated some of the modern, upscale ice-cream shops by nearly thirty years.

Complete with a mixing counter, over 40 mix-in ingredients, weekly original Ice cream flavors and traditional wood-and-steel ice cream churners, the spot was a local favorite and packed in customers wall to wall nearly every day. Steve’s also saw the expansion of the fleet from one ice cream truck to the business it is today.

Here and Now

Frosty Ice Cream Taking Over Boston

Over the past five decades, Frank has cultivated a reputation for excellence and honesty. He’s been a major player in food and catering for nearly every major City and State event for the past 20 years, including the Irish Festival in Stoneham, the annual fireworks display at the Esplanade, Harvard University sports at Harvard Stadium, and soccer for the New England Revolution.

Frank and the rest of the team here at Frosty Ice Cream – Boston Festive Concessions look forward to providing you with the quality service to make your next event truly memorable!

Frosty Ice Cream

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